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Self-Centered Generosity

Is there another term for self-centered generosity? I would define this as giving for the sole purpose of fulfilling a narrative in your mind with no concern for the wants and needs of the recipient. Imagine someone who gifts golf balls, golf clubs, golf shoes, etc to someone who doesn’t play golf or to someone…

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Story Block Cards

I had two ideas earlier and they seemed to have collided: collect small piece for stories like characters, character traits, descriptions, scenes, situations, stories ideas, object, etc use index cards for note I think putting these story blocks onto cards will work better than putting them in a notebook or into a program of some…

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Keeping a Reading Journal

I’m taking up a new notebook—a second notebook that it. As it strikes me that I should maintain one place for thinking (which is my normal journal) and a reading notebook. The reading notebook is a companion to the books that I read because I’m tired of reading books, and discovering months later that I…

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