YouTube Inspiration

I’ve never really been into YouTube but that was because I hadn’t really discovered the video essay genre. I’m watching 4-5 videos a day now, and it’s become an essential part of my day. A lot of these channels are kinda waking up loves of mine that I’ve allowed to grow dormant, things like my love for non-mainstream music, foreign cinema, and architecture. This is a randomly-ordered list of all the channel I’m really enjoying right now, which has a lot of these video essayist on it.

  1. Every Frame a Painting (Retired channel 😢)
  2. WheezyWaiter
  3. Trash Theory
  4. ContraPoints
  5. Van Neistat
  6. Nerdwriter
  7. deep cuts
  8. Rhett Shull
  9. Julie Nolke
  10. The Cinema Cartography
  11. Shu Omi
  12. Paul Davids
  13. In Praise of Shadows
  14. Polyphonic
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By C.A. Hall

Writer / Podcaster I'm a well-written sentence marred by a curse word. In another life I might have been a criminal profiler, a jazz drummer, an architect, an acrobat, an actor, or a children’s book illustrator.

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