Moving Dirt to the Other Side of the Yard

Moving all my notes over to Roam Research from Obsidian is a pain in the ass. It would be a pain in the ass just to be moving notes, but it’s about ten times worse because of how I had everything split up in Obsidian to try and replicate the modularity of the block system in Roam. Not to mention the fact that I have no system in Roam whatsoever, so as I’m moving stuff over I’m continually confronted with questions like “How am I going to deal with X?” For the most part, I trying to keep things as simple as possible. No templates. None of that shit.

When using a tool like Roam Research it’s surprisingly easy to get caught up in the fantasy of building some epic database. I think in my head I’m imagining someone hovering over my shoulder while I show off my elaborate note-taking system. There are two problems with this fantasy:

  1. I’m never really going to build it up to the point where it’s impressive.
  2. Nobody thinks note-taking systems are impressive. Nobody ever wants to see your note-taking system (unless it’s on YouTube and it’s other people having the same fantasy and wanting to steal part of your fantasy.)

Here’s the truth: 95% of what I need to do every day will work with search and Roam has incredible search. So, any optimizations that I do will be to make my searches more fruitful.

I’m still kind of sad to be moving from Obsidian to Roam Research because Obsidian is so beautiful and Roam is just butt-ugly. I’m being extremely practical. For my work style, the block system in Roam cuts my efforts by about 50%. So that’s pretty hard to argue with.

Also worth noting:

  • I was using Roam Research before Obsidian
  • I switched because COVID19 made finances extremely tight and $15 was too much for me at the time.
  • The switch is a pain in the ass, but my guilty pleasure is that I enjoy it. I like having a little busy work to kick around. It gives me something to work on a little every day while I listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

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