Story Block Cards

I had two ideas earlier and they seemed to have collided:

  1. collect small piece for stories like characters, character traits, descriptions, scenes, situations, stories ideas, object, etc
  2. use index cards for note

I think putting these story blocks onto cards will work better than putting them in a notebook or into a program of some sort, because the index card format emphasizes the modularity of the idea. Imagine grabbing five or six of these cards and creating a story for the randomness that you get. It could lead to a lot of shit writing but a lot of very unique combos as well, pairing characters and scenes that I never would naturally.

Of course, in order for this to work I need a lot of idea cards in the box when I start pulling. (No Magic is going to happen with a 12 cards box.) So, I’m going to need a strategy for creating idea cards. These are the first three things that come to mind.

  1. If things every return to something resembling pre-COVID normality and I’m able to people watch in public again, then I should dedicating time specifically to going places, observing, and collecting.
  2. Take James Altucher’s idea of daily idea generation and replicate it specifically for fiction. Set aside a small pocket of time every day to think of ten ideas to use in stories.
  3. In Blindboy’s episode Yurty Aherne he talks about his habit of stopping to write about his sensory experience while he experiences them. If he steps in mud, misses a bus, or any number of every day things, he’ll stop and scribble down descriptions of how it feels internally and externally. Use this.

One thing is clear, I have to again become diligent about having a pen and paper at all times. Even when I’m lounging around in pajama pants.

By C.A. Hall

Writer / Podcaster I'm a well-written sentence marred by a curse word. In another life I might have been a criminal profiler, a jazz drummer, an architect, an acrobat, an actor, or a children’s book illustrator.

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