When to Tweet and When to Blog

I know when I find myself googling something like “When to Tweet & When to Blog” I’m really hoping someone else has solved my problems and written about it. No such luck.

Am I shorting myself by limiting some thoughts to a tweet? Or am I inflating myself by trying to stretch them into a blog? The questions are even messier when i throw tweetstorms and short blog notes (as this is likely to be) into the mix.

I saw someone (maybe on reddit) talking about how they were taking some of their old blogs and pushing them out as tweetstorms–which was working out well for them. I see something similar in people who do podcast version of their newsletters (like Ben Thompson.)

I don’t know why but I have this idea in my head that the people who read my writing are the same people reading my twitter and those are the same people following my instagram accounts. They’re not. I know this. It’s not some mystical secret. I can look and see the names of people on twitter and instagram and see that most of them are different. While I can’t see the same data with my blog, I can see click sources. I also know that social post rarely lead to podcast downloads. I KNOW this.

I know that what we’re all hoping for with having all these damn places to push content: we’re hoping for crossover. We’re hoping blog links on twitter will lead to those people reading our writing. And we’re hoping fromm there they go to our instagram or our newsletter. We dream of feedback loops—everyone following us everywhere.

It doesn’t work like that does it? So then why the hell do I keep treating it like it does?

The reason I’m always asking myself should I tweet this or blog it is because I’m thinking the same people are in the same places. I’m worried about repeating myself to the imaginary super fans. The reality is the crossover probably about 5%.

So, blog it or tweet it? Both! Do Both. That’s the solution. Blog it. Tweetstorm it. Instagram it. podcast it. Each place has a different audience. By only tweeting it, I’m letting it remains invisible to the people who only listen to my podcast, or the people who only read my blogs…etc

📸 Claudio Schwarz

It could be really intersting to take all ideas to each platform, and let the uniqueness of the individual platforms reshape them. And the interactions will be unique to each platform as well.

People read a blog and comment at the end. Tweetstorms allow interactions with each individual part. Instagram comment threading allows for conversations to develop.

This all became even more interesting when I published this blog the first time. WordPress now has an option to tweet the link of your post or to automatically break the content of your post up into a thread (aka tweetstorm.) It’s quite intelligent and understands where the end of sentences are as well as the end of paragraphs.

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