Voice Assistant Tweetstorm

I’m also not sure I understand all the constant complaining about Siri on The Accidental Tech Podcast.

It’s something that I literally spend no time thinking about. Does anyone actually give a shit about voice assistants?

Voice assistants are an interim solution. They aren’t the future of controlling devices. Too many privacy problems. And I don’t mean audio in the cloud. I mean nobody is going to announce to everyone around them what they’re doing on their devices.

Smart phone computing has become successful because of discretion. There’s something incredibly appealing about not having a big screen showing everyone around you what you’re doing. They’re small and personal. We aren’t going to give that up by taking into the air.

Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa are all temporary technologies until AR is viable. They will linger around like Blu-ray but they’ll never be the primary technology. This is why the LIDAR in the iPhone 12 is so important: it shows where Apple is really focused.

I’ve been using a Galaxy Note 10 for the past year. I had iphones before it and will be going back to an iPhone next month. Everyone talks about how Google Assistant is better than Siri. It might be, buy here’s the funny thing: I’ve used it less than I used Siri. Like maybe 4 times total.

Overall the differences between voice assistants is insignificant because most people find voice assistants insignificant. The majority of consumers see voice assistants as novelties not features.

I live a few miles from Apple & I can count on one hand the number of people taking to their phones that I’ve seen. I’m sure this is more pronounced in less tech focused locations. People prefer to touch & tap. I don’t see this behavior being much different at home.

Sure “Hey, Siri turn on the lights” is nice, or “Hey, Alexa what’s on my calendar today,” but they really only save us 2–3 seconds. The number of meaningful interacts with voice assistants in negligible (with the clear exception of the interactions made for the impared.)

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