Some Nights

Some nights you settle in for a simple movie, just something fun, nothing challenging, nothing original, or overly deep. Some nights you settle in for one of those movies and suddenly find that every little detail resonates with you and your life like they were hidden easter eggs; hidden for you in a three-star-happy-ending-style film. These are the kind of films you end up owning a rewatching years later looking to recapture those tiny revelations. They are the movies that people laugh at when they see the DVDs on your shelf. We all have them. They are treasures. Not because they’re great films but because we need them and their accidental truths. 

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By C.A. Hall

Writer / Podcaster I'm a well-written sentence marred by a curse word. In another life I might have been a criminal profiler, a jazz drummer, an architect, an acrobat, an actor, or a children’s book illustrator.